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 Pyramid Wellness

Kelly Grayson

Transformational Teacher
and Energy Healer

Welcome to Pyramid Wellness, where I empower all through energy wellness.

Energy readings give you knowledge and awareness that work together to change your health and wellness. Change your energy, change your life.

Hi, I'm Kelly, and I'm an Energy Healing Master. I began my energy-healing journey in 2007 after decades of suffering chronic back pain. Reiki helped me identify the root of my pain and eliminate it, which motivated me to help others.

I became a Reiki Master soon after, and my interest in self-healing continued to grow. I continued to learn more about energy and its benefits for my overall well-being. My journey led me to study Theta healing, Akashic records, and Medical Intuition. Now I focus more on Intuitive Soul Readings and Reiki. Clearing your energy changes your vibration and aids in manifesting what you want in your life. I love seeing my clients walk away with knowledge and a new perspective on what they are experiencing in life.

We all deserve to be happy and love the life we have.


Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving one's full potential.

Energy Readings

Everything is energy from our thoughts and emotions. Energy readings release emotional blocks, restore balance and harmonize the mind and body. Get clarity on situations in your life. Release energy, raise your vibration and manifest what you want in your life. I channel your guides to give you the information you need to assist you with your life.

Online Intuitive Energy Reading


Energy readings can clear blocked emotions and limiting beliefs through collaborative discussion. These readings help to rebalance and harmonize the mind, body and soul. 

Intuitive Reading Bundle 3 Sessions


Healing is a process which may require more time to heal from past wounds. This bundle will look at areas in the akashic records to assist in the healing process.

Intuitive Reading Bundle 6 Sessions


In this bundle, we will go into the akashic records and do healing from past lives that need healing to assist this lifetime. This bundle gives you more time to clear even more energy and heal.

Forgiveness Bundle 
2 Sessions


To truly heal, one must forgive. It is our greatest strength. To forgive is divine. We forgive so that we can be happy and move forward in life.

Chakra Balancing, Reading Bundle


Release blocked energy caused by physical injury or emotional pain. This bundle will help you be grounded, clear your chakras and give you more energy.

Free 20 Minute


An opportunity to talk about what would be helpful for you in your healing journey.

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