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Kelly Grayson

 Energy Healer and Health & Wellness Coach

Welcome to Pyramid Wellness, where you can learn to heal your past, release your pain and live a wellness way of life. Together we will uncover the issues preventing you from living life to the fullest so you can self-heal and find the peace and happiness you long for. 

Hi, I'm Kelly and I'm a Health and Wellness Coach. I began my own energy healing journey in 2007 after decades of suffering chronic back pain. Reiki helped me identify the root of my pain and eliminate it which motivated me to help others.


I became a Reiki Master soon after and my interest in self-healing continued to grow. I continued to learn 

Thetahealing and Akashic record readings followed by Health and Wellness Life Coaching.


Helping other make changes in their lives is rewarding to see the smiles and happiness that they are now living.

We all deserve to be happy and loving the life we have.

Inhale the future, exhale the past.

Energy Readings


Energy readings examine your mind-body connection. Your mind speaks to your body through thoughts, emotions and beliefs and can positively or negatively affect your body. The body communicates to the mind through aches and pains, indicating something needs to be dealt with and released.  Energy readings can help release emotional blocks, restore balance and harmonize the mind and body. 

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a hands-on energy healing process that helps to identify and release blocked energy caused by physical injury or emotional pain. Reiki can help relieve pain, reduce stress and improve sleep.

Chakra/Aura Reading

 Chakra/Aura readings identify energy blocks in your chakras caused by childhood trauma, unhelpful beliefs and physical/emotional injury. These readings can rebalance your energy and allow it to flow more freely.  

Energy Reading

Energy readings can clear blocked emotions and limiting beliefs through collaborative discussion. These readings help to rebalance and harmonize the mind, body and spirit. 

Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving one's full potential.

Soul Readings

Soul readings are for people needing guidance and direction in their lives. As a soul realignment practitioner, I connect with your heart and soul energy through your Akashic records - an energetic database with information about all the choices you've ever made. Akashic readings identify your energy blocks and what you're projecting into the world. Clearing these blockages provides the insight and awareness you need to move forward in your life. These soul readings are perfect for those struggling with emotional blocks, limiting self-beliefs, relationship and career barriers. 

Soul Profile

Soul profiles can reveal who you are at a soul level and assist in navigating your spiritual journey. You can realize your soul traits, inner gifts, spirit guides and your ultimate life lessons through a soul profile session. 

Soul Realignment

     and Clearing

This reading combines the Soul Profile with a new understanding of how your past choices are affecting you now. The focus of this reading is 

to the clearing the blocks and restrictions from your Akashic records.


Property Clearing

Property clearings can remove any negative energy from your home, land or workplace to create a positive and calm space. This clearing is done remotely through accessing the Akashic records as energy is not limited by time or distance.  

Heal your past, live in the now and create the future you desire.

Pyramid Wellness

Calgary, Alberta,  Canada

Pyramid Wellness is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from a licensed and registered healthcare professional. You should seek professional medical advice before making any health decisions. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions. Reiki is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. My work is intended to be in harmony with any other healing work that you undertake.

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