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PH Quiz

What is a PH Level and why is it so important to your health? Why should you test your PH level? 


Our bodies should naturally be acid/alkaline balanced. A balanced PH level is an oxygenated body in which cancer and all other illnesses cannot flourish. 


A well-oxygenated body keeps the blood clean. This is something that you can monitor for yourself. When the body gets too acidic, which is a low PH number, health problems can start to show up. When the body is in an acid state, it stops functioning properly, and disease can take root.


It can take months to see a change in your PH level depending on the level you are at. Stress can cause an acidic level in the body. The body creates acidity at a cellular level, however, the fluids surrounding the cells must be alkaline.


Over a period of time, a high acid condition will block the body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals.

An acidic condition inhibits nerve action, and alkaline stimulates nerve action. The more acidic the body, the more cells die. These dead cells turn into acid. 


Answer the following questions to determine if your body is in an acidic or alkaline state.

If your answers are mostly in column A,  you are in more of a state of alkalinity which is what the body requires to be healthy.


If your answers are mostly in column B, you may be in a lower state of alkalinity, which is not bad but should be looked at, with some habits changed to get to a better state of alkalinity.


If your answers are mostly in column C, you are at risk of having colds and other health issues. You need to take action now to change those habits to get your body in a state of alkalinity.

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