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Healing Circle

Healing circles are for healing different areas of your life. We all struggle at sometime with things: money, love, mental health, manifesting, weight loss, clients and more.

Each healing circle will focus on a struggle in life. More information coming soon.

Mental Fitness healing circle

This is a healing circle for mental health. This circle will be 12 weeks long. It will cover the 4 influences that could be causing you to experience mental health issues. Coming soon in June to start in July 2023.

mental fitness.png

Love relationships healing circle

This circle will be a 3 weeks long. We will look at loving yourself with self-care, see which limited beliefs your have around love and relationships. To finish we will learn how to receive (love and more). This healing circle will be starting in July 2023.


Abundance healing circle

This is a healing circle around money (abundance). We look at any beliefs, contracts, agreements, and vows that may be an obstacle. This is a 3 week healing circle. We will be doing healing work within the Akashic Records. Healing circle is coming soon.

Person holding money
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