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Kelly's reading was so accurate and had information that I truly needed. This was my first reading and I loved it!. I have already recommended her to my friends and family.

Ellen T., Soul Reading

Highly recommend getting a soul reading by Kelly. She is knowledgable and took the time to explain what she ws doing and seeing in great detail. Many things resonated with me and she was able to clear past blockages to help with my awakening. Still in shock at what I heard!

Liz W., Soul Reading

I can't say enough good things about what I experienced with Kelly. I had never had an soul reading before I sat with her. Kelly's personality and demeanour is top notch and quickly put me at ease. I had such a tremendous breakthrough and I wasn't even expecting it. If you are looking for a serious energy shift, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kelly.

Cora M., Soul Reading

Kelly has helped me so much with accepting myself and coming to terms with the many changes in my life. She really has an amazing talent in nurturing and helping to release past issues that are still trickling into the present. A very gifted and talented healer! I highly recommend working with her to bring about your own best life.

Eileen P., Soul Reading 

Kelly did an amazing job analyzing my son’s energy - she was spot on. She helped work on opening up closed and/or leaking areas and I believe it really helped him.

Odelia C., Chakra/Aura Reading & Balancing

Kelly was really able to help me clarify some key points I had about launching my website. She was able to easily tap in my energy and see what might best work for me as how I could best formulate a name for the site. Kelly helped me eliminate an option I thought might be good and really pointed me in a more refined direction as to what could be of most appeal and impact on the type of people I want to draw in and attract to my website. She helped me gain clarity into what my gifts are, as she had previously received a reading by me, and her level of comprehension and clarity helped me to narrow down what I already was thinking I was doing. She helped me gain more self-confidence and awareness and helped validate ideas and thoughts I was already having but seeking more light onto. Kelly helped me regroup, feel calmer and stronger in knowing what my gifts are. I am very grateful to her and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity and self-empowerment! I will definitely use her words wisdom and stable insight!

Karin S., Chakra/Soul Reading & Balancing

My soul realignment reading helped me to understand how my past experiences influence my current life.  I was able to understand myself and reflect on my soul in a kinder way, knowing in some sense why I am the person I am. It has made me aware of so many questions I have and I'd love to learn more about my higher self. 

Amy F., Soul Realignment Reading

The reading that Kelly did for me was very precise and accurate. It was great to know where, in my past lives, situations occurred that later came to play in my current life. It was good to get a reading on my life based on the lives that I have lived in the past.  

I appreciated Kelly 's follow up to see how I was feeling about the reading. I highly recommend this for anybody who has a desire to know where they come from and what is required to move forward in this life to resolve things.

The Reiki sessions were very relaxing and informative as she communicated with my body. She helped me prepare for surgery with my knee. My knee was very receptive to the treatments. The surgery was a huge success. It is a gift to feel balanced and in alignment with my energy and soul. I highly recommend Kelly as a Reiki Master.

Shawn W., Soul Realignment & Reiki Sessions

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