Energy/Aura Reading

Imagine more energy in the body and less pain

  • 30 minutes
  • 80 Canadian dollars
  • Over the phone/Online

Service Description

In this energy reading I will read the chakra/aura along with emotions and limiting beliefs that may be affecting your mind, body and soul. We will release some emotions that are affecting the body which could be preventing you from healing and moving forward in your life. Energy within our bodies can be affected by our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and fears. Unresolved energy can affect an organ or a chakra with in your body. Symptoms from unresolved energy blocks vary from person to person. I will require your name and age before I can read your energy. By giving me this information, you are giving me permission to read your energy. You will get an email with the phone number and code before our appointment for over the phone readings. This reading can be done in person or over the phone.