Online Reiki Aura Reading Bundle

5 sessions for the price of 4

  • 1 hour
  • $400 for 5 sessions
  • Online

Service Description

Since energy is not restricted by either time or space, the healing energy is sent to you and the benefit received is the same as if it were received in-person. Intuitive Aura Reading -you set an intention on an area of your life to focus on (health, finances, love, career, etc) -I connect with your higher self to read information from within the 7 layers of your aura -Energy within these 7 layers that is stagnant or unhelpful will be cleared and energy that is flowy freely will be highlighted -You will receive information on ways to clear stagnation and improve energy flow in within your energy centres -Clients report experiencing clarity, groundedness and a sense of well-being after a reading Sessions will be about 1 hour. Make sure you will not be disturbed during this time and get comfy. We will be able to discuss your health issues and concerns before and after the session. These distance Reiki sessions are facilitated via Zoom. Book your first session online and subsequent sessions will be booked via email. Payment will need to be made prior to the session. After booking you will receive an email with all of the necessary information.